About Ankuk Valve

Focus on manufacturing innovative designs to improve conventional products

Ankuk Valve Co Ltd is a South Korean company that manufactures Fiber Reinforced Ball Valves that is certified to ISO 9001. With a strong focus on developing innovative designs to solve current problems of the conventional products. Our aim is to create long lasting high quality products that meets our customer satisfaction. 

We proudly offer AK-FRP Ball Valves - durable, lightweight, corrosion free with temperature up to 250°C. Compared to traditional materials, the numerous superior properties of composite make AK-FRP the best option in the market.

AK-FRP Ball Valves can be used widely and across various industries. In addition, its ease of use and long product life means less maintenance, lower installation costs and lower life-cycle costs. It costs notably less than other valve solutions that utilize different materials with similar critical applications.

Committed to driving our customer's success with a better solutions, we promise to provide our customers with a high quality product with long-term cost savings that would benefit your overall business.

Factory Information

Certified ISO 9001

Ankuk Valve manufacturing facility is located in South Korea and are certified to ISO 9001, Bureau Veritas (BV) Type Approval and CE Certified. We assure product quality and precision manufacturing to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

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