Why FRP? Numerous superior properties when compared to traditional materials

Corrosion Resistant

Strong & Durable


Made from a lightweight material that weighs less than 50% the weight of metal or lined ball valves for easy handling and installation with less manpower required. 

Great flexural strength that can withstand major impacts with little to no damage and are able to connect to other metal flange without warping or cracking.

Resisting all chemicals in tough environments from acid to caustic (pH 0~14) both internally and externally without any additional lining, coating or painting. 

High Temperature

UV Resistant

Long Service Life

Solid structural integrity that is achieved through premium choice of resins that allows service temperature up to 180˚C. Limitation based on seat material, not FRP.

No outer surface degradation from long-term exposure of ultraviolet light. All exposed material is made from FRP and formulated for maximum UV resistance.

AK-FRP provides outstanding durability and corrosion resistance in demanding application, providing improved product life over traditional materials.

Low Life-cycle Cost

Low Installation Cost

Low Maintenance

From our O-Ring design that requires less periodic maintenance, simple design for easy parts replacements and also eliminating any work on painting and coating. 

It is easy to handle due to its lightweight and installation can be done without using heavy equipment and machinery, requiring less man power and supports.

Long service life, low maintenance, easy installation at a low cost gives a high quality premium product that will benefit our customers overall business in the long run.

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